Junction on
the water


Restaurant Freienhof is considered to be the most traditional restaurant in the town of Thun, with a history dating back to 1308 according to historical documents. The name “Freienhof” itself has appeared in historical documents since 1781 and has since established itself as a synonym for hospitality and tradition. The location has always been an important hub in the city and served as a central meeting point for trade and markets. In addition to being a restaurant, goods handling and storage centre, customs office, hotel, fish market, dance hall, masonic lodge, post office and brothel, the Freienhof was also a place of execution. The Freienhof granted asylum (Freyungen) to lawbreakers seeking protection until a final judgement had been passed.

Today, the Freienhof combines tradition and modernity and remains a central part of public life in Thun.